Model# MS-2

ProCoustics MS-2

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Car audio optimizer

$ 10,00 each

If your music is important enough to carry with you everywhere, you should carry the JBL® MS-2 pocket digital processor.
Then instead of connecting your portable music player directly to your car’s loudspeaker system – or any other speaker system – you can connect it through the MS-2 and enjoy dramatically improved sonic clarity and stereo imaging.

The MS-2 uses DSP (digital signal processing) equalization to optimize system performance for the acoustic characteristics of your speakers, electronics and vehicle interior, and DSP time correction to ensure that all of the speakers’ sounds reach your ears simultaneously, creating a coherent, richly detailed soundscape.

Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and simple enough for even a novice to set up in seconds, the MS-2 will transform the listening experience in all your vehicles and even at home (with a third-party 6-volt DC power supply, not included). So wherever your portable music player goes, your JBL MS-2 should go, too.

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